Atlas Desperado Tires

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Atlas® Desperado tires are reliable light truck tires that can also be used on SUV's. Atlas Desperado tires could be a great option for your light truck or SUV if you want toughness and performance. These tires are built to extend the tread life of your tires. The innovative design of Atlas Desperados tires can provide superior traction. The quiet, comfortable ride of Atlas Desperado tires will round out your light truck's performance.

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Technology & Benefits of Atlas Desperado Tires

Extended Tread Life

Atlas Desperado tires are built for an extended tread life. With deep grooves and thick treads, these tires provide excellent consumer value. With a longer tread life, you don't have to worry about premature tire replacement. Just enjoy the ride of your Atlas Desperado tires.

Superior Traction

Superior traction allows Atlas Desperado tires to navigate your vehicle through various weather conditions. The deep tread voids in these tires are created to propel rain and debris away from your tire. With less water between Atlas Desperado tires and the road, you can have safe driving experiences on everyday streets, tight curves, and steep hills.

Quiet and Comfortable

The innovative design of Atlas Desperado tires gives your vehicle a quiet comfortable ride. Cutting down on noise inside the vehicle allows you to be more focused while behind the wheel. Fewer distractions can make all the difference in the event of a vehicle emergency. In addition to its safety aspects, the quiet ride makes for an overall more enjoyable driving experience each time you drive your light truck equipped with Atlas Desperado tires.