Atlas UHP Plus Tires

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Atlas® UHP Plus tires, also known as Atlas Ultra-High Performance tires, are designed for high performance vehicles with high standards. So if you drive a sports car, a supercar, or a sporty coupe, consider Atlas UHP Plus tires for your next set of new tires. They're made to give your high-end vehicle a performance edge.

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Technology & Benefits of Atlas UHP Plus Tires

The Right Tires

With the thousands of new tire options available to you, how do you determine which tires are right? Your driving habits matter, but a large part of that has to do with your vehicle. Your automaker determined safety and performance standards based on your vehicle's size, weight, and capabilities. To help get the safest and all-around best performance from your vehicle, you need tires that meet or beat those standards. Atlas UHP Plus tires will be able to at least meet the standards of many vehicles because they're designed for high performance.


In both dry and wet conditions, Atlas UHP Plus tires can help provide gripping capability to your vehicle. They feature a tread pattern with several deep rain grooves that can sweep water out from under the rubber so it can grip the pavement. As ultra-high performance tires, Atlas UHP Plus tires are specifically engineered for grip at freeway speeds and while cornering. These tires also have the ability to shorten your vehicle's braking distance, which is the distance it takes your vehicle to come to a complete stop.


Most drivers of high-end vehicles most appreciate their vehicle's performance. But the style is definitely an added benefit of sports cars, coupes, and supercars. Atlas UHP Plus tires have a unique, stylish tread pattern that would be a stylish accessory for any car that attracts attention with its looks.