BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW Tires

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BFGoodrich™ g-Force T/A® KDW tires are great tires for your summertime sports driving. These incredibly versatile tires fit on a very wide range of sports cars, roadster, tuners, and hot rods. If you own any of these kinds of vehicles, you should check out these tires. Their handling capabilities are superb, they can grip the road like professional racing tires, and they last.

Technology & Benefits of BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires


BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires feature specially designed sidewalls that resist the pressure of cornering to deliver quick, precise, and consistent steering response. That means that every time you turn your steering wheel, you'll know exactly what to expect. This kind of pro-grade handling isn't just about exciting driving. It will keep you safe while you're in heavy traffic and when you encounter road hazards.


BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires are equipped for the ABCs of traction, acceleration, braking, and cornering. They'll keep a grip during all of these crucial stages of your drive. With these tires, you even have a choice of the tread pattern that's going to grip the pavement. Choose between the understated traditional tread and the stylish new tread. Both are taken straight from the racetrack and made available to you.

Long Lasting

As long as you keep up simple maintenance (check the air pressure, get tire rotations, etc.), you'll be able to enjoy the amazing performance of BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires for at least 6 years. They come with a BFGoodrich 6-year, limited warranty.