BFGoodrich Traction T/A Tires

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BFGoodrich™ Traction T/A® tires have a lot of benefits, but reliability tops the list. They provide reliable traction, steering response, and resistance to wear. Beyond that, you can rely on these tires for comfort and good fuel efficiency. With a set of new BFGoodrich Traction T/A tires on your vehicle, all your bases will be covered.

Technology & Benefits of BFGoodrich Traction T/A Tires


The fact that these all-season tires provide excellent traction shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, "traction" is in their name. The real surprise is the high level of traction in poor driving conditions. BFGoodrich Traction T/A tires have the ability to grip in the extreme heat of summer, on roads covered in light snow, and all the rain you'll experience in between. Gripping during acceleration, braking, and cornering are no problem for these tires.


Traction won't do you much good if you can't control your vehicle. So fit it with BFGoodrich Traction T/A tires for precise handling. Your vehicle's steering response will be quicker too with a new set of these tires. The consistence of the handling will give you the capability to drive like a pro.

Long Lasting

BFGoodrich Traction T/A tires are so well constructed that they're eligible for warranties of up to 6 years and 70,000 miles. That proves how much confidence BFGoodrich has in these tires. We share that confidence, and so should you. Equip your vehicle with these tires, perform simple routine maintenance, and they'll keep you rolling for a long time.