Bridgestone DriveGuard Tires

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Bridgestone® DriveGuard™ tires are all-season, run-flat tires designed for passenger vehicles of all sorts. You know these all-season tires are a big deal because Bridgestone has devoted an entire website to them. If you're looking for cutting-edge technology in your next set of tires, consider Bridgestone DriveGuard tires. In addition to the run-flat technology, these tires are able to deliver a comfortable ride. Bridgestone DriveGuard tires also come with an outstanding manufacturer warranty. can make it easy for you to get the right tires, even if you've never purchased tires before. Answer a few easy questions and you'll know if Bridgestone DriveGuard tires are right for your vehicle, your driving, and you.

Technology & Benefits of Bridgestone DriveGuard Tires

Run-Flat Tires

Bridgestone DriveGuard tires give you the power to keep driving even if they lose pressure due to damage. The highly reinforced sidewalls of these tires can support your vehicle for up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour after tire failure. As a result, you'll be able to find a safe place to change the tire or get your vehicle to a service station. The advanced technology in Bridgestone DriveGuard tires can help you stay safe in an emergency situation. Comfort The benefits of Bridgestone DriveGuard tires don't end with damage resistance and run-flat technology. These tires can also help you be more comfortable behind the wheel. Their special lightweight construction and the carefully designed tread pattern combine for a smoother, quieter ride. When you're comfortable in the driver's seat, it's easier to focus on the road and to enjoy the ride. DriveGuard Protection Package Every Bridgestone DriveGuard tires comes with the DriveGuard Protection Package. That means Bridgestone has you covered immediately after you get a flat thanks to DriveGuard technology and again once the dust settles thanks to this outstanding warranty.