Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Several automakers choose Bridgestone® Dueler™ H/T 684 II tires for their vehicles. Hyundai and Toyota are among the vehicle manufacturers who put these tires on their vehicles on the assembly line. When a car company chooses a tire as original equipment, it means the tire has been tested according to the manufacturer's strict standards. These tires complete the vehicle's performance package. Choosing tires like Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II tires for your Hyundai or Toyota SUV or truck will help preserve its like-new performance.

Technology & Benefits of Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II Tires

Driving Pleasure

These tires are shaped for high-speed driving and for overall comfort. Their structure helps them stand up to highway speeds without causing any harshness for you or your passengers. The result is a quiet ride even at top speeds.

Fuel Efficiency

Dread stopping at the pump? You can prolong the time between trips to the gas station for as long as possible by choosing tires that promote fuel efficiency. Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II tires are among those.

Performance in Rain and Snow

Don't let a little bad weather keep your SUV in the garage. These Bridgestone tires handle rain and light snow.

Hyundai Original Equipment

These tires are an automaker-approved choice for certain model years of the Hyundai Santa Fe. If you drive a 2007-2010 Santa Fe, you may find that there is a set of Dueler H/T 684 II tires on your vehicle now.

Toyota Original Equipment

Drivers of the Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, and Land Cruiser should consider Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II tires.