Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Bridgestone® Potenza® RE050™ tires are trusted by top-name automakers. These summer tires come from the assembly line on a long list of high performance vehicles. When you choose to drive an impressive car, you make a commitment to keep it running to its full potential. Picking replacement tires that meet original equipment (OE) standards is an easy way to do that. The tires that came on your vehicle when it was new were chosen by your automaker. They've been through extensive tests to make sure they meet or surpass all the safety and performance requirements of your vehicle. Using tires that meet OE standards on your vehicle also ensures that all the important suspension and monitoring systems work appropriately. If you want to keep your performance vehicle running like the day you drove it off the lot, choose tires that meet OE standards, such as Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tires.

Benefits of Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Tires

Performance Handling

Whether you are driving through the city or hitting the highway, you can count on a high performance driving experience from these Bridgestone tires. You should only drive on summer tires in mild weather. On dry roads or in the rain, these tires provide unbeatable grip.

Seal of Approval

The following vehicles are perfect matches for Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tires:

  • 2006-2010 Lexus IS350
  • 2006-2009 Lexus IS250
  • 2001-2012 Volkswagen Jetta
  • 2001-2011 Volkswagen Golf
  • 2004-2009 Honda S2000
  • 2007-2011 Mercedes-Benz S600
  • 2007-2010 Mercedes-Benz CL600

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