Bridgestone Potenza RE92 Tires

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Bridgestone® Potenza® RE92 tires are made for people who love to have fun behind the wheel. These tires are a good fit on many different coupes, sedans, and sports cars. You'll find yourself taking a drive just for fun with Bridgestone Potenza RE92 tires. On top of sporty performance in good weather, these tires also guide your car safely down the road in the winter.

Benefits of Bridgestone Potenza RE92 Tires

Driving Confidence

With Bridgestone Potenza RE92 tires, you don't have to be afraid to push your car to its limit. These performance tires grab onto the road through the rain and snow. Don't even get us started on how easy they are to drive on in the summer.

Quiet. Like, Mute-Button Quiet

The engineers who made these tires have outdone themselves. They've used a computer to enhance the tread design for a seriously quiet ride. You won't notice any of the humming or white noise that road friction causes. Apart from being quiet, these tires are also cushioned for comfort. They have a system of polyester cords inside that absorbs the shocks of everyday driving.

Automaker Approval

Bridgestone Potenza RE92 tires work especially well on some vehicles. The makers of those vehicles pinpointed these tires as original equipment. That means that when they assemble vehicles at the factory, they put these tires on them. If you drive any of the following vehicles, Bridgestone Potenza RE92 tires may have been on your vehicle when it was new:

  • Honda Insight
  • Infiniti Q45
  • Infiniti Q45t
  • Infiniti I30t
  • Lexus CT200h
  • Lexus ES300
  • Lexus ES330
  • Lexus IS250
  • Lexus IS300
  • Lexus IS350
  • Mazda Protégé
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Scion tC
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Echo
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Toyota Matrix
  • Toyota Celica