Bridgestone Potenza RE92A RFT Tires

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Bridgestone® Potenza™ RE92A RFT tires are performance tires for drivers in regions with significant weather changes throughout the year. These superb all-season tires can deliver traction in dry conditions and in wet conditions. They're also built to last a long time. Bridgestone Potenza RE92A RFT tires are available as run-flat tires.

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Technology & Benefits of Bridgestone Potenza RE92A RFT Tires

Dry Traction & Wet Traction

As all-season tires, Bridgestone Potenza RE92A RFT tires have the ability to grip the road in a variety of weather conditions. The rubber materials in these tires helps maintain traction in high temperatures, while the rain grooves and sipes help when the roads are wet. These performance tires can even create traction in light snow.


Fit your vehicle with Bridgestone Potenza RE92A RFT tires and may not have to buy new tires again for many years. Bridgestone uses highly durable materials and expert design to create long-lasting tires. They can resist tread wear and especially uneven tread wear, which often demand premature tire replacement.

Run-Flat Tires

Bridgestone Potenza RE92A RFT tires are run-flat tires, which means that if you experience a flat tire, the tire can still operate at lower speeds for a short distance. This will allow you to find a service station or a safe place to change the tire. No more waiting on the side of the road helpless.