Bridgestone Tracompa TR2 Spare Tire

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Keeping a Bridgestone® Tracompa TR2 spare tire in your vehicle every time you drive is a smart idea. That way, you can be ready if you ever experience a flat tire. Fingers crossed, you'll never get a flat, but there's a good chance you might. Trust Bridgestone Tracompa TR2 tires to help you be prepared.

Find Your Spare Tire

In sedans and coupes, you'll typically find the spare tire stored under the floor of the trunk. Larger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, and some crossovers often have the spare tire bolted to the bottom of the vehicle. If you can't to locate your vehicle's spare tire, check your owner's manual for the location. If you're still having trouble, you might not have a spare. If you don't have a spare, it's really important to get one. It can save you from being stranded on the side of the road. The Bridgestone Tracompa TR2 is a high-quality option.

Examine Your Spare Tire

If you can find your spare, examine it for damage that could lead to tire failure. This damage could be anything like cracks, holes, and tears. If there is damage or if you're unsure, the best thing to do is replace the spare or have the service department at your local auto dealership examine it for you. A certified technician will advise you on whether or not you need a new spare.

If You Experience a Flat Tire

Knowing what to do if you experience a flat tire is easy and can save you a lot of trouble. The first step after you get a flat is to get your vehicle to the side of the road or a safe location to change it. However, you should never drive on a tire that has lost all of its air pressure. That can cause permanent damage to your rim and possibly your entire vehicle. Read our article How to Change a Flat Tire for detailed instructions on putting on your spare.

Driving on a Spare Tire

If you're driving with a Bridgestone Tracompa TR2 spare on your vehicle, there are some safety restrictions you should follow. With most spare tires, you can drive for up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. However, each spare can have different specifications. Check the spare's sidewall for its specific limitations.