Bridgestone Turanza EF400-02 Tires

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Bridgestone® Turanza® EF400-02™ tires are members of the passenger and touring class. Packed full of advanced technology, a set of these tires is a great choice for drivers who want a comfortable, quiet ride. Bridgestone's patented UNI-T (Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire) technology is the combination of all of the tire manufacturer's top of the line features.

Technology & Benefits of Turanza EF400-02 Tires


CO-CS®: The Computer Optimized Component System has taken all of the guess work and inexact science out of designing tires that provide excellent traction. CO-CS uses a supercomputer to determine the ideal tread design, casing shape, materials, and construction for improving traction. CO-CS relies on thousands of tests comparing minute differences in tire designs and constructions to determine which will be the best for you and your vehicle.


All of the Turanza touring tires by Bridgestone are meant to provide passenger vehicles with a smooth ride with reduced road noise.


L.L. Carbon®: Long Link Carbon materials in the Turanza EF400-02 spread stress on the tire over greater areas making them better able to resist damage and wear, which means that they will last longer.


O-Bead®: The O-Bead is an advancement in the shape of the tire that improves the fit of the tire on the rim. You'll notice the power and stability of this technology when you are driving on straightaways.

Attractive Look

If the style of your vehicle is important too, then you're in luck. Bridgestone Turanza EF400-02 tires add a distinguished look to your vehicle, as well as comfort and safety.