Bridgestone Turanza EL42 Tires

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We understand why Bridgestone® Turanza® EL42™ tires are so popular with drivers and automakers. Many drivers choose them because of their outstanding performance and comfort. In fact, several automakers have approved these tires for use on their vehicles after rigorous testing that ensures they're a quality fit.

Technology & Benefits of Bridgestone Turanza EL42 Tires


All-season touring tires like Turanza EL42 tires rely on Bridgestone's experience in the passenger tire industry and in the professional racing industry. Bridgestone Turanza EL42 tires incorporate technology from both traditions to give you excellent traction and handling while making your ride more comfortable.

Run-Flat Tires

Some sizes of Bridgestone Turanza EL42 tires are available with run-flat technology that allows you to continue driving after the tire goes flat. The 50-mile range at speeds up to 50 miles per hour make it possible to find a service station or a safe place to wait for help.

BMW Original Equipment

Bridgestone Turanza EL42 tires come as original equipment (OE) on select BMW models. Look for the BMW star mark on the sidewall of these tires as an indication that Bridgestone and BMW have designed them together for optimal performance on its vehicles.

Automaker Approval

BMW isn't the only automaker that has given its stamp of approval to the Turanza EL42. The list is a long one that includes the following models:


  • A8


  • Caravan
  • ES350


  • CR-V
  • Odyssey


  • Genesis
  • Santa Fe
  • Sonata


  • G35
  • G35x
  • EX35
  • Q45


  • Optima
  • Optima Hybrid


  • ES330
  • LS460
  • LS600h
  • SC430


  • CX-7
  • CX-7s
  • Mazda3
  • Mazda6


  • Altima
  • Maxima


  • Avalon
  • Camry
  • Sienna


  • Tiguan


  • XC70