Bridgestone Turanza EL440 Tires

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Bridgestone® Turanza® EL440™ tires are excellent performance tires. Their crisp handling, high traction and stylish appearance are all great reasons to fit your vehicle with Bridgestone Turanza EL440 tires. Consider these for your replacement tires if you drive a sports car, tuner, or other performance vehicle.

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Technology & Benefits of Bridgestone Turanza EL440 Tires

Maneuver Like a Pro

Bridgestone Turanza EL440 tires have durable shoulders (the area where the sidewalls and tread meet) and a tread pattern that creates excellent stability. As a result, the tires can hold their shape under the pressure of tight turns and high speeds to deliver the superb steering response they were engineered for.

Grip the Pavement

Driving like a pro isn't just about steering through traffic and taking sharp turns. It's also a matter of great traction through every part of your drive. Bridgestone Turanza EL440 tires can help you keep a grip on the road from when you first accelerate to when you hit the brakes.

Original-Equipment (OE) Tires

Bridgestone Turanza EL440 tires are original equipment tires. In other words, your vehicle may have rolled off the assembly line on a set of these tires. So if it's time for new tires and your vehicle already has a set of Bridgestone Turanza EL440 tires on it, it's a smart idea to replace them with the same tire model.