Bridgestone Turanza ER300 II Ecopia RFT Tires

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Imagine if there were tires made exclusively for your vehicle. Well, with Bridgestone® Turanza® ER300™ II Ecopia RFT tires, that might just be the case. These tires have been engineered specifically for use on particular models made by MINI. That's not the only benefit of these tires. They're also made to be eco-friendly and incredibly comfortable.

Technology & Benefits of Bridgestone Turanza ER300 II Ecopia RFT Tires

MINI Original Equipment

Bridgestone has used their thorough knowledge of MINI to create tires that work in perfect harmony with the MINI Cooper, Cooper S, and Clubman. If you replace the tires currently on your MINI with a set of Turanza ER300 II or other tires that meet the same specifications, you'll help it keep running at its original performance level.


These tires have received the Bridgestone Ecopia stamp. That means they're made of materials that are less damaging to the environment. The Ecopia label is given to tires like these that also have low rolling resistance. They help your vehicle get the best fuel efficiency possible.


When it comes to comfort, all tires are far from equal. Driving on a set of Turanza ER300 II Ecopia RFT tires will make that obvious. These tires make your ride more enjoyable by absorbing most of the noise and vibration that you'd experience with lesser-quality tires.

Run-Flat Tires

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 II Ecopia RFT tires are run-flat tires. If you experience a flat and you have these tires on your MINI, you'll be able to drive for 50 more miles at speeds up to 50 miles per hour.