Continental Conti4x4SportContact Tires

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Continental® Conti4x4SportContact™ tires were developed for trucks, crossovers, and SUVs with powerful engines. These tires help you get high-level performance out of your 4x4 vehicle. With their incredible combination of features, it's no surprise that Continental Conti4x4SportContact tires were chosen as original equipment by Land Rover. That means that Land Rover trusts Continental Conti4x4SportContact tires enough to install them on their brand new vehicles. So if you keep your vehicle on the road and want to be able to drive your truck or SUV at (legal) high speeds, then you can trust Continental Conti4x4SportContact tires too.

Technology & Benefits of Continental Conti4x4SportContact Tires


Because of their asymmetrical tread pattern and compact outer shoulders, Continental Conti4x4SportContact tires maintain excellent stability no matter where you drive, including roads with a lot of tight turns and sharp corners. This high stability is crucial in order for a vehicle to have responsive handling.

Wet Traction

The wide tread grooves that characterize the Continental Conti4x4SportContact tire help remove water from between the tire and the road. When there is less water, the likelihood of hydroplaning is significantly reduced. Continental Conti4x4SportContact tires are especially great for truck, crossover, and SUV drivers who live in climates that get a large amount of rain.


One more thing that makes Continental Conti4x4SportContact tires great: the offset rows of treads. The tread pattern of these tires was designed this way so that your tires will roll more smoothly over road surfaces. A smoother ride provides, besides comfort, a much quieter ride.