Continental Conti4x4WinterContact Tires

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Continental® Conti4x4WinterContact™ tires are a great complement for any light truck, crossover, or SUV. Winter tires are an important purchase for anyone who lives in an area that receives snow and freezing temperatures in the wintertime. All-season tires, despite their name, are only prepared to maintain optimal traction in light snow. So if you are the type of driver who bought your utility vehicle to keep you safe on snowy roads, then a set of Continental Conti4x4WinterContact tires adds extra safety characteristics.

Technology & Benefits of Continental Conti4x4WinterContact Tires

Braking Capability

When the roads are covered with snow, slush, ice, salt, and all of the other road debris that comes with winter, it's harder to use your brakes. This is exactly why it's important to use in a set of quality winter tires during that time of year. Continental Conti4x4WinterContact tires have been designed specifically to shorten braking distances when winter weather wreaks havoc on the roads.

Aquaplaning Resistance

Another goal of the design of Continental Conti4x4WinterContact tires is a high level of resistance to aquaplaning and snowplaning caused by slush. The wide, continuous lateral grooves get rid of snow, rain, and slush in a hurry.

Dry Road Performance

There are winter tires out there that can perform great in the snow and rain, but their performance on dry roads leaves a lot to be desired. That's not the case with Continental Conti4x4WinterContact tires. Continental has worked to create winter tires that get you through the toughest winter conditions without losing their ability to provide a safe, comfortable ride when there isn't any snow or ice on the road.