Continental ContiPremiumContact MO Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Mercedes-Benz has put its seal of approval on Continental® ContiPremiumContact™ MO tires, making them original equipment (OE) on select models. These summer tires have been marked with an MO, which is the official symbol that the tires are Mercedes-Benz Original Equipment. This subtle difference in these OE tires means that not only do they meet all the strict performance and safety requirements Mercedes-Benz has set, but also Continental and Mercedes-Benz have worked together to make sure the components of the vehicle and the tire work in perfect harmony. If the breathtaking performance of your Mercedes-Benz is near and dear to you, replace your tires with these Continental tires optimized by Mercedes-Benz for your model.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiPremiumContact MO Tires

Precision Handling on Wet Roads

A little rain shouldn't deter you from unleashing the performance capability of your Mercedes-Benz. The tread pattern of ContiPremiumContact MO tires helps prevent hydroplaning, keeping them in contact with the road. That translates to better wet traction and handling.

Short Braking Distance

The contour of ContiPremiumContact MO tires changes shape in response to your driving. As you drive normally, the tire footprint remains thinner to protect against hydroplaning. When you brake, it widens, allowing more of the stopping force to be transferred to the road quickly. This means balanced performance when speeding up and slowing down. The braking distance is also reduced by the silica compound used to make the tires.

Cornering Stability

The tread pattern of Continental ContiPremiumContact MO tires makes sure your Mercedes-Benz remains stable while cornering because it is closed at the outer edge or shoulder. That means more rubber makes contact with the road.