Continental ContiContact UHP SSR Tires

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Continental® ContiContact™ UHP SSR tires are original equipment on select BMW vehicles. If you enjoyed the performance and safety of your BMW when you drove it on its original equipment tires, you can preserve those attributes. Just choose replacement tires that meet original equipment specifications. ContiContact UHP SSR tires were designed for your BMW. They meet all the strict performance and safety requirements that BMW has set to maintain its standards of excellence for your vehicle. Why replace your tires with anything but the perfect fit?

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiContact UHP SSR Tires

Run-Flat Technology

The "SSR" in ContiContact UHP SSR stands for Self Supporting Runflat. This means the tires are equipped with an internal structure that allows them to keep rolling even after they have been punctured and suffered pressure loss as a result. A blown tire can be very dangerous. It could cause a dangerous accident or leave you stranded on the side of the road. Run flat technology such as what's offered in these tires helps you maintain your stability and driving ability so that you can get to a safe location.

Ultra High Performance Attributes

These original equipment tires from Continental respond to your driving. When you accelerate or maintain your speed, the contour of the tire narrows. When you brake, it widens. This leads to responsive highway speed and braking performance. This feature of these ultra high performance tires reduces braking distance and improves cornering capability. Continental ContiContact UHP SSR tires also promote steering precision, wet weather traction, and great grip.