Continental ContiCrossContact Winter Tires

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Continental® ContiCrossContact™ Winter tires were specially designed for wintertime use on 4x4 vehicles. If you want to give your powerful vehicle an extra performance and safety edge during extreme winter conditions, consider these Continental tires. They bear the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) symbol for severe winter applications: the mountain and snowflake symbol. ContiCrossContact Winter tires were made of a special silica compound that helps your vehicle maintain its traction and braking abilities through freezing temperatures and snow.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiCrossContact Winter Tires


Continental engineered ContiCrossContact Winter tires to have a footprint (area that makes contact with the road as you drive) that resists stress associated with handling. This helps you keep control of your vehicle through cold, rain, and snow.

Snow Traction

The tread pattern of these tires was filled with small grooves called sipes that interlock and fill with snow. This way the tire can use the deep snow on the ground to actually improve traction. Better traction in the snow means better safety for you, your passengers, and the other vehicles on the road. The pattern of Continental ContiCrossContact Winter tires was also arranged into blocks that promote good snow traction.

Hydroplaning Resistance

These winter tires feature wide grooves that go around their entire circumference. These grooves drain water and slush out from underneath the tires quickly to keep you from losing control of your 4x4.

Low Rolling Resistance

Whether you are worried about the environment or your gas bill, ContiCrossContact Winter tires have you covered with their low rolling resistance. This feature means it takes less fuel to drive your vehicle, which equals lower emissions and a lower gas bill over time.