Continental ContiCrossContact UHP Tires

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Continental® ContiCrossContact™ UHP tires are ultra-high performance tires for 4x4 vehicles. These summer tires feature high stability, which is crucial at higher speeds. They can reduce your vehicle's braking distances. The special silica rubber compound makes Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires low rolling resistance tires too.

It's easy to find out if you can benefit from Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires on your 4-wheel drive vehicle. RightTurn's tire shopping experience asks you a few easy questions, matches you with the right tires, and helps you schedule a tire installation appointment.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiCrossContact UHP Tires

High Stability

The tread pattern and the materials used in Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires makes them highly stable. The result is excellent steering response and cornering ability. Because Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires remain stable under the added pressure of high speeds and cornering, they can hold their intended shape. And that means they can perform like they're engineered to perform.

Shorter Braking Distances

Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires are smart. When extra weight is added from cargo or from changes that naturally occur as you drive, these tires react by creating a wider contact patch. The wider contact patch (the area that touches road) can reduce the distance and time it takes for your vehicle to come to a stop. That can make the difference between a sigh of relief and a fender bender.

Silica Rubber Compound

Not only does the silica rubber compound used in Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires add to their stability, but it also makes them more eco-friendly. The rubber compound allows the tires to roll more easily, which requires less work from your engine and better fuel efficiency.