Continental ContiForceContact Tires

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Continental® ContiForceContact™ tires are high-performance tires meant for the streets and for the racetrack. In other words, these competition-grade, cup tires can get you from the garage to the starting line and from the starting line to the checkered flag. They excel at providing high-performance traction. Their handling capabilities are off the charts. To top it all off, these tires look so advanced that they might just scare off the competition.

By answering a few easy questions on, you can find out if Continental ContiForceContact tires meet your sports car's demanding performance standards.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiForceContact Tires


An asymmetric tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves and bi-directional drainage grooves give Continental ContiForceContact tires the power to quickly move water out from under their gripping edges. These tires also take traction to the next level, the microscopic level, that is. Continental ContiForceContact tires use Continental's Black Chilli technology. This technology helps the rubber compounds in these tires actually "intermesh" with the pavement. That helps your vehicle get faster acceleration, tighter turns, and more efficient braking, which can all add up to faster lap times.


Continental ContiForceContact tires features a solid center rib, which can enhance steering response. The solid rib provides constant contact and a point around which the rest of the tire can quickly pivot when you turn the steering wheel. The macro-block design with highly stable shoulders (the areas where the sidewalls meet the tread pattern) of Continental ContiForceContact tires can further enhance your handling. The stable shoulders help these tires hold their shape while maneuvering, which means accurate steering even at high speeds.


If anyone sees Continental ContiForceContact tires on your car, they shouldn't have to ask if you compete in motorsports. The incredibly unique tread design of these tires clearly distances these tires from the world of passenger tires made strictly for everyday roads.