Continental ContiTouringContact CV95 Tires

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Continental® ContiTouringContact™ CV95 tires are an excellent choice for anyone shopping for touring tires. Touring tires combine a mix of passenger tire technology to provide a safe and comfortable ride and performance tire technology to deliver stability and handling when you push your vehicle to the next level. Continental ContiTouringContact CV95 tires come as original equipment (OE) on several vehicles from Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiTouringContact CV95 Tires


As members of the touring tire category, Continental ContiTouringContact CV95 tires have features that make your ride smooth and quiet. With a set of ContiTouringContact CV95 tires, you won't even need to think about the tires you're driving on. So sit back and enjoy the drive.


The tread pattern of the ContiTouringContact CV95 by Continental offers traction on surfaces covered in rain, slush, and light snow, letting you stay in the driver's seat any day of the year. The Tri-Radial tread contours found on this tire make it hydroplaning resistant, giving you the confidence you need to drive safely on wet roads.


Because of the advanced technology, ContiTouringContact CV95 tires are a great fit for high performance touring cars. Get ready to push your vehicle like a performance car whenever it's time to take it out of touring mode.

Enhanced Gas Mileage

The compounds used in this tire have reduced its rolling resistance, which means that you get better gas mileage, reduce your carbon footprint, and save a significant amount of money at the pump over the life of the tires.