Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 Tires

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Continental® ContiPremiumContact™ 2 tires provide excellent braking performance and a touring ride for luxury and midsize cars. Touring tires take all the reliability, function, and safety you expect from passenger tires and add performance technology to give you a luxury edge. In the case of Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 tires, the focus is on added braking performance on wet and dry roads without sacrificing stability and comfort. The unique tread pattern engineered for these touring tires also resists hydroplaning (losing traction because of water trapped underneath the tires) and promotes stability and maneuverability. Those who drive in wet and dry conditions may find a perfect fit with a set of these Continental tires optimized for luxury performance in braking and maneuverability.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 Tires

Wet & Dry Braking

Continental incorporated its 3-D grooves into the tread of ContiPremiumContact 2 tires to enable wet and dry braking. If you find yourself driving your luxury car in the rain, the deeper side of the groove will quickly get water out of the way so your braking distance does not suffer. This feature helps prevent hydroplaning, making sure you maintain contact with the road, not the water underneath your tires. If you need to slow down quickly on a dry road, the shallow side of the 3-D groove will come in handy.


The unique shape of the 3-D grooves in these touring tires result in a stable contact patch, which means the same shape of tread area touches the road as you drive. That leads to stability and comfort through the whole drive.