Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal Tires

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There are plenty of good things to say about Continental® ContiProContact™ ContiSeal tires. They're full of technology and benefits that make them exceptional tires. Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal tires are touring tires that border on the performance tire category. That means they deliver the safety and comfort expected from passenger tires plus performance that allows for an exciting driving experience. In addition to all of this, these tires boast Continental's cutting edge ContiSeal, which helps protect them against severe damage.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal Tires

PROactive Edge Technology

The PROactive Edge technology built into Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal tires increases the amount of traction these tires offer especially when you are cornering. In addition, the PROactive Edge also helps make your ride a quiet one.

PROgressive Groove Ramp

The PROgressive Groove Ramp is an innovation in tread design that has led to the widening and rounding of each groove in order to strengthen the tire. A stronger tire can provide better handling. The new design of the tread grooves also makes them more effective in channeling water out from beneath the tire.

Controlled Sipe Interaction

Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal tires feature Controlled Sipe Interaction which causes the tires' tread blocks to lock together under added pressure. When tread blocks lock together, they stabilize the tire, which promotes responsive handling and helps resist treadwear.


ContiSeal consists of a strong, highly flexible layer inside each Continental ContiProContact ContiSeal tire. This layer reduces the chances of experiencing a flat tire that would result from punctures or minor tears.