Continental ContiSportContact 2 N2 Tires

Continental® ContiSportContact™ 2 N2 tires were equipped to improve the handling and braking capability of any Porsche they're compatible with. The performance grade these tires were given is an indication that they can go beyond tires made for your average passenger vehicle.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiSportContact 2 N2 Tires

The N2 Stamp

The N2 stamp on certain Continental ContiSportContact 2 tires indicates that they were optimized for use on various models manufactured by Porsche. To develop this N2 classification, Porsche worked with Continental to be certain that these tires are an ideal fit for their vehicles.


One factor that increases the steering responsiveness of your vehicle is the stability of your tires. The closed outer shoulder of Continental ContiSportContact 2 N2 tires helps make these tires very stable. Additionally, they were built out of a new bionic compound, which combines two different materials to add greater stability. By purchasing Continental ContiSportContact 2 N2 tires, your Porsche will have more precise control so that you maneuver quickly when you need to avoid danger. Your handling on long straightaways and in tight turns also benefits from Continental ContiSportContact 2 N2 tires.

Braking Capability

Continental ContiSportContact 2 N2 tires feature a design based on the Advanced Mould Concept (AMC). Continental's AMC helps distribute the pressure of the tire more evenly over the road surfaces. As a result, these tires have a larger area that grips the road and helps you stop quickly while you brake.