Continental ContiSportContact 2 SSR Tires

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Continental® ContiSportContact™ 2 SSR tires are all-season tires that have been designed to offer performance that outclasses normal passenger tires. They handle the road year round through heat, cold, rain, and light snow. Continental ContiSportContact 2 SSR tires optimize the precise steering that you want from your vehicle. These tires have also been built for better braking capability.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiSportContact 2 SSR Tires

Self Supporting Runflat (SSR)

The SSR classification of these Continental ContiSportContact 2 tires means that they are run-flat tires. Drive on run-flat tires safely even if the tires lose air. With SSR tires, you can drive approximately 50 miles after the flat tire occurs. That way you'll be able to find a nearby service station or a safe place to wait for roadside assistance.


One important feature of the tread design on these tires is the closed outer shoulder. The shoulder helps make these Continental tires stable. Even more stability is added by the bionic compound (a mix of two different materials) used to build them. No matter the driving conditions, more stability means better handling. Fitting Continental ContiSportContact 2 SSR tires on your vehicle gives you more precise control of your vehicle both as you accelerate on long straights and as you take tight corners at high speeds.

Braking Capability

Thanks to the Advanced Mould Concept (AMC) used in the design of Continental ContiSportContact 2 SSR tires, pressure of the tire on the road is distributed more evenly. In turn, the AMC creates better braking capability by giving your tires a larger area that grips the road when you hit your brake pedal.