Continental ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal Tires

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Continental® ContiSportContact™ 3 ContiSeal tires are ultra high performance tires that deliver impressive results on sedans, coupes, sports cars, roadsters, and just about any other car built for sports driving. If you fit your vehicle with Continental ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal tires, you'll increase your vehicle's handling and traction and shorten the distance it takes to stop. ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal tires are original equipment (OE) on Volkswagen models.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal Tires

Enhanced Braking

The treads on ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal tires have ribs on them that distribute the braking force more evenly and over a larger area. This causes more of the tire to work towards stopping your vehicle quickly.

Advanced Rubber Compounds

The cutting edge compounds used in the construction of ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal tires consist of a greater amount of silica relative to tires that are made of traditional carbon compounds. The major advantages of this compound are a longer tread life for the tires, improved handling, and better traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Unique Tread Pattern

Rear-wheel drive sports cars and customized vehicles have special needs. Continental has specifically designed the tread pattern of the ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal to address those needs. So if you own either of these types of vehicles, you need to consider tires such as the ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal, which has been engineered with your car in mind.


ContiSeal is a strong, highly flexible layer inside Continental ContiSportContact 3 ContiSeal tires. The chances of experiencing a flat tire resulting from punctures or minor tears are reduced by ContiSeal.