Continental ContiSportContact 3E Tires

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Continental® ContiSportContact™ 3E tires are ultra-high performance summer tires that are especially well suited for performance vehicles. Drivers of sport coupes, sport sedans, roadsters, and supercars should take note. These tires can help enhance your car's performance. High-speed steering capability and shorter braking distances are just two of the many benefits Continental ContiSportContact 3E tires can provide.

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Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiSportContact 3E Tires

Race-Inspired Handling

Continental ContiSportContact 3E tires feature asymmetrical ribs that extend along their circumference. The shape of these ribs adds extra lateral stability. That translates to superior steering response at both low and high speeds. With Continental ContiSportContact 3E tires on your sports car, you'll get phenomenal handling as you corner, change lanes, and take wide turns.

Shorter Braking Distances

When you drive a car with a powerful engine, braking power is important so you can quickly decelerate from higher speeds. Continental ContiSportContact 3E tires can help reduce your vehicle's braking distances. The continuous ribs in their tread pattern deliver extra longitudinal braking force to stop you quickly. And those short braking distances don't only happen in ideal conditions. These tires help you stop faster on wet roads too.