Continental ContiSportContact 5P Tires

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Do you drive a sporty coupe or high performance sports car? Do you want tires that let you get the maximum performance out of your highly tuned vehicle? Then Continental has the tire for you: the ContiSportContact™ 5P ultra high performance tire.

Continental has designed the ContiSportContact 5P tire with the most exacting auto lovers in mind. This ultra high performance tire has been through rigorous testing to ensure that it will deliver a driving experience unlike any other. As a result, the ContiSportContact 5 P tire meets the demands of the most powerful and technologically advanced vehicles on the market. Fitting your vehicle with these Continental sport tires gives you responsive handling and grip for outstanding control even when cornering at high speeds.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiSportContact 5P Tires

The ContiSportContact 5P tire benefits from Continental's Black Chilli Technology. Black Chilli Technology combines different polymers to create an amazing and unique tire. Along with the tread pattern, the visco-polymers used in this tire optimize its breaking abilities. The elasto-polymers decrease rolling resistance, which makes these tires and your vehicle significantly more energy efficient as you accelerate on those straightaways.

Continental has engineered this ultra high performance tire with a flexible "macro-block" design. The macro-block design combines different tread patterns on a single tire in order to reap the performance benefits of each. Each tire features rigid, solid bands around the center of the tire's circumference and rows of flexible blocks around the outside. The solid bands work to maximize braking efficiency and cornering, while the flexible blocks provide greater surface contact by conforming to the road while driving at high speeds.

The tread pattern boasts even more features that will help you keep a tight grip on the road. The 45•F tread blocks and 3D grooves create edges that reduce the tilting of tires at high speeds and minimize any decrease in the size of the contact patch, the area where your tires meet the road. An increased number of small treads compared to the predecessor of the ContiSportContact 5P also helps your tires cut through water on the road to create better grip and handling.

Another important feature of these tires is the asymmetrical tread pattern. This feature offers a better grip on the outside of the tire when it matters most - at high speeds. An asymmetrical tread pattern can also help prevent excess heat buildup which may cause damage to your tires in the long run.

All of these features and benefits make Continental's ContiSportContact 5 P tire a great fit on any high performance vehicle. With responsive handling and glue-tight grip in dry and wet conditions, Continental has built a tire worthy of your demands.