Continental ContiSportContact Tires

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Continental® ContiSportContact™ tires offer just what you'd expect from tires with a name like that, excellent sport performance. If you own any kind of performance vehicle-a sports car, roadster, supercar, etc.-then you should consider all of the benefits that Continental ContiSportContact tires offer you. The benefits of these tires are so great that they have been picked by BMW as original equipment, which means that the auto company fits these tires on their vehicles during the manufacturing process.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiSportContact Tires


Continental is no stranger to engineering tires that offer the perfect combination of features that deliver outstanding performance. That is why Continental ContiSportContact tires have been designed for excellent stability even while cornering. The stability of Continental ContiSportContact tires also pays off when you need quick and precise steering response.


Having superb handling capability is not much of an advantage if you don't also have traction to keep you on the road. If you have a set of Continental ContiSportContact tires on your vehicle, then you don't have to worry. Continental ContiSportContact tires have a tread pattern that helps you grip the road when it's dry and hot and when it's cold and wet.


The tread pattern of Continental ContiSportContact tires hasn't only been designed for the sake of traction. Another major goal of its design is to provide you with a ride that is both smooth and comfortable.