Continental ContiTouringContact AS Tires

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Continental® ContiTouringContact™ AS tires are original equipment (OE) on different classes of vehicles including coupes, sedans, and SUVs. Just a few of the automakers that use these tires as original equipment on their vehicles are Nissan, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. Knowing that these and other auto manufacturers have placed their confidence in Continental ContiTouringContact AS tires should give you the confidence to pick them as replacement tires for your vehicle.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiTouringContact AS Tires

All-Weather Traction

Thanks to their radial tread pattern, Continental ContiTouringContact AS tires perform during the summer when it's hot, during the fall and spring when it's rainy and the temperature is constantly changing, and during the winter when there is light snow on the roads. The independent tread blocks, wide circumferential grooves, and high density lateral grooves give Continental ContiTouringContact AS tires the power to quickly evacuate water out from under them so that you have traction on wet roads.


Not only does Continental have their best engineers and designers working on their tires, but they also have their state-of-the-art computers helping out as well. The computer-optimized tread pattern of Continental ContiTouringContact AS tires has been developed to make your ride both quiet and smooth.

Fuel Efficiency

Another great thing about Continental ContiTouringContact AS tires is their low rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance means that tires have less force to overcome in order to roll, which in turn means that they require less energy. Less energy means that less gasoline is burned.