Continental ContiTouringContact CT95 Tires

Continental® ContiTouringContact™ CT95 tires are a great option for people who drive a passenger vehicle for everyday purposes such as commuting to work, running errands, or taking road trips. Grand touring tires like Continental ContiTouringContact CT95 tires have been designed to bring comfort and safety to your everyday driving. The great thing about touring tires is that they add to these passenger oriented characteristics some exciting performance qualities including enhanced handling.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiTouringContact CT95 Tires


The tread pattern of Continental ContiTouringContact CT95 tires has been designed to reduce the amount of vibration that results from your tires rolling. This has some major effects on the quality of your ride. First, because of these tires you will feel your ride less. Second, your ride will be quieter when you fit your vehicle with Continental ContiTouringContact CT95 tires.


The tread pattern also adds safety features to your vehicle. It has been engineered to optimize traction even in wet weather and in light amounts of snow. Continental's combination of tread blocks and grooves on these tires will help you resist hydroplaning, a serious risk when there is water on the road.

Eco Friendly

Continental ContiTouringContact CT95 tires are also eco friendly thanks to their low rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance means that because of your tires your vehicle needs to exert less energy to move. If less energy is required, less gas is burned. Your vehicle emits less pollution and you save money at the pump.