Continental ContiTouringContact CW95 Tires

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Continental® ContiTouringContact™ CW95 tires are all-season grand touring tires that enhance the driving characteristics of your vehicle. Grand touring tires go on passenger vehicles used for the daily commute and long road trips. Grand touring tires such as Continental ContiTouringContact CW95 tires provide a comfortable ride so that you and your passengers enjoy getting to your destination. They also have some important performance features that provide traction and handling above and beyond average passenger tires.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiTouringContact CW95 Tires

Ride Quality

If you appreciate a ride that's comfortable, then Continental ContiTouringContact CW95 tires are right for you. They have been designed to provide superb ride quality. These Continental tires will make your ride smoother and quieter.


If it's safety you're after, then look to Continental ContiTouringContact CW95 tires. The advanced tread pattern of these tires improves the traction of your vehicle in hot and dry weather, cold and wet weather, and even in small amounts of snow.

Tread Life

Continental's unique combination of durable materials used in the construction of ContiTouringContact CW95 tires is just one of several features that extend the life of these tires.

Environmentally Friendly

Another great feature of Continental ContiTouringContact CW95 tires is their low rolling resistance. These tires reduce the amount of gasoline that your vehicle burns over the life of the tires. When your vehicle burns less gasoline, you get better mileage per gallon and emit less pollution.