Continental ContiTrac SUV Tires

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Continental® ContiTrac™ SUV tires are built for medium and heavy 4x4 SUVs used mostly on the road but occasionally on some light off-road terrain. These tires have an off-road look because of their tread design. The grooves in the design result in good traction on wet roads. These summer SUV tires are ideal for drivers who need a higher load range to support the weight of their vehicle. Continental ContiTrac SUV tires are suited for drivers who operate their 4x4s in dry conditions and rain.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiTrac SUV Tires


The open design of the outer edges (shoulders) of these Continental tires allows them to brake efficiently in wet and dry conditions as well as some easy off-road terrain.


The tread design of ContiTrac SUV tires keeps your vehicle stable because of a solid band of rubber that surrounds the midline of the tire. This is called a center rib.


The tires' shoulder design not only promotes braking, but also grip. The deep grooves get water and stones out from under the tire so your SUV keeps its hold on the road.

Light Off-Road Capability

If you take your vehicle out on easy terrain every once in a while, Continental ContiTrac SUV tires stand up to the off-road adventure. The tread design provides good driving and braking performance on off-road terrain.


These versatile tires deliver finely engineered stability, steering response, and braking on the road. Whichever terrain you choose, you will get a quiet and comfortable driving experience.