Continental ContiTrac Tires

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Continental® ContiTrac™ tires are all-season tires for light trucks, medium trucks, and SUVs. They can even be fitted on some heavy-duty trucks too. Whether you drive your truck for work, play, or both, Continental ContiTrac tires can provide outstanding benefits. They can help bring your large vehicle to a stop quickly. They're highly stable. Gripping the road in bad weather is another advantage of these all-season tires. You can use them for light off-road driving as well.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiTrac Tires

Designed for Braking Power

One great thing about driving a pickup truck or SUV is the cargo and towing capacity. But with all that extra weight, stopping your vehicle is more difficult. That's why Continental ContiTrac tires are a great option. They help shorten the distance it takes for your vehicle to come to a complete stop.

Reliable Stability

Another important factor to consider in your new tires is their stability. Your larger vehicle demands it. Continental ContiTrac tires feature a continuous center rib, which makes the tire itself more stable and provides uninterrupted contact with the road for even more stability. You get more confident handling as a result.

Excellent Traction

Continental ContiTrac tires have an open shoulder design. This tread pattern feature can create extra traction when the roads are compromised by rain and also light snow.

Off-Road Capability

Continental ContiTrac tires also offer light off-road driving abilities. So if you occasionally take your truck off the pavement on mild terrain, these tires could be a great match.