Continental ContiWinterContact TS 800 Tires

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You chose your compact car for a lot of great reasons-fuel economy, maneuverability, city driving, etc. Winter handling probably wasn't very high on that list. If you live in an area where the temperature stays below 45 degrees F in the winter, you should think about using a set of winter tires like Continental® ContiWinterContact™ TS 800 tires during the cold months. These specially designed tires help your compact car grip the road through cold temperatures, snow, and ice. Continental ContiWinterContact TS 800 tires meet the requirements not only for mud and snow (M+S), but also severe winter weather. You'll notice the Rubber Manufacturers Association's mountain and snowflake symbol imprinted on the sidewall.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiWinterContact TS 800 Tires

Dry Road Performance

Even when the roads are dry, cold temperatures cause all-season and summer tires to lose some of their flexibility and grip. The tread pattern of ContiWinterContact TS 800 tires has a honeycomb shape that helps it stay responsive to the vehicle's handling on dry, cold roads.

Wet Road Performance

The deep grooves on these winter tires move water out from underneath them quickly. Continental designed ContiWinterContact TS 800 tires to do this so a driver can maintain the car's traction and control in rainy or slushy winter weather.

Snowy Road Traction

Whether the snow comes down in inches or feet, Continental ContiWinterContact TS 800 tires use their honeycomb pattern to grip the snow and keep their traction.

Braking on Icy Roads

Snow isn't the only thing that makes winter driving tough. Icy conditions are treacherous. These winter tires support your driving safety by using a dense design to maximize contact with the road and improve braking performance.