Continental ContiWinterContact TS 810 SSR Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Continental® ContiWinterContact™ TS 810 SSR tires help drivers of luxury cars and midsized sedans navigate extreme winter weather even if they get a flat tire. Continental ContiWinterContact TS 810 SSR tires contain Continental's Self Supporting Run Flat technology, which supports the weight of the vehicle and allows it to continue driving at a reduced speed after a tire loses inflation pressure. Imagine you are driving on a snow and ice covered road in an unfamiliar area. If you got a flat tire, wouldn't you want to be able to keep driving until you could find a service station or safe place to wait for help? With these winter run flat tires, you have that peace of mind.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ContiWinterContact TS 810 SSR Tires

Emergency Safety

The sidewalls of Continental ContiWinterContact TS 810 SSR tires were built to support themselves after the tires can no longer rely on their normal inflation pressure. Since the sidewall doesn't collapse, it prevents further damage of the flat tire that unusual contact with the road or a vehicle's rim can cause. Continental tires with SSR technology can drive at up to 50 mph for 50 miles after going flat.

Winter Reliability

Just like its conventional radial cousin, the ContiWinterContact TS 810 SSR was rated by the Rubber Manufacturers Association for severe winter weather use, as indicated by the mountain and snowflake symbol on its sidewall. These winter tires brake and keep traction on ice, snow, and wet winter conditions. You may associate winter tires with a harsh ride, but this model from Continental was designed for comfort.