Continental CrossContact LX Sport Tires

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Give your medium or heavy 4x4 vehicle a sporting edge on and off road with Continental® CrossContact™ LX Sport tires. These tires were made for general off-road use and dependable, agile on-road performance. The tires' tread design helps your 4x4 keep its grip on wet roads by resisting hydroplaning. If you take your vehicle off road, the tread design also cuts down on the number of rocks that get caught in it. This feature reduces damage caused by off road terrain. If you need rugged tires that stand up to your medium or heavy 4x4 while still delivering sporty on-road performance, give Continental CrossContact LX Sport tires a try.

Technology & Benefits of Continental CrossContact LX Sport Tires

Performance on and off Road

The characteristics of these Continental tires' tread design combine to suit your 4x4 on and off road. While you drive on the highway, you'll enjoy precise steering response, straight-line performance and a quiet ride. Off road, you'll experience handling and braking that will help you take on the more rugged terrain with confidence.

Sport Handling

You drive a stylish vehicle. When you take your 4x4 on the road, you're used to turning heads. When you choose CrossContact LX Sport tires, your vehicle's appearance won't be the only thing people notice. These tires help you enjoy great handling and breaking in many weather conditions. These performance light truck and SUV tires boast sporty steering response, straight-line performance and a smooth drive.