Continental CrossContact LX Tires

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Continental® CrossContact™ LX tires provide a great balance of comfort, traction, performance, and tread life for medium and heavy 4x4 vehicles. These light truck and SUV tires were meant for street terrain but also exhibit handling and braking properties on off-road terrain. If a typical commute for you involves driving your medium or heavy SUV or light truck 4x4 on city streets and the highway or freeway, these tires could be a good fit for you. Safety is important on the road. Driving a heavy vehicle like a 4x4 means your tires are supporting extra weight from the vehicle itself as well as the cargo and passengers you transport every day. The performance characteristics of Continental CrossContact LX tires were designed to support all this extra weight and help you drive safely.

Technology & Benefits of Continental CrossContact LX Tires

Handling and Braking

The tread design of CrossContact LX tires responds to your driving, delivering good handling and braking on the road. The shoulder, or outer part of the tread of the tires, has an open design that helps them grip as you apply the brakes or take turns. These attributes are important for safety and comfort on the highway.

Performance in the Rain

The grooves that go around the circumference of the tires were engineered by Continental to get rid of water that could get trapped underneath the tires when you drive on wet roads. This helps you maintain your traction in the rain instead of hydroplaning.

Comfort and Capability

The arrangement of blocks, grooves, and sipes (slits in the tread that are smaller and shallower than grooves) provides good steering response and performance on straightaways while reducing road noise and harshness.