Continental CrossContact UHP Tires

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As the owner of a high performance four wheel drive vehicle, you have probably found that utility and performance are far from mutually exclusive. Ultra high performance tires like Continental® CrossContact™ UHP tires support both the performance capability and extra weight of vehicles like yours. These tires were engineered to provide traction, performance, and comfort to drivers who take their four wheel drive vehicles up to highway speeds routinely. High performance tires like these can help support both your vehicle's performance capability and the added weight of cargo and passengers.

Technology & Benefits of Continental CrossContact UHP Tires

Short Braking Distance

The contour of these Continental tires promotes a short braking distance. Short braking distance improves safety on the highway by making sure you avoid potential causes of accidents even at higher speeds.

Highway Capability

A heavy high performance vehicle needs the tires to match. Not just any ultra high performance tires will do. CrossContact UHP tires support your heavy vehicle's performance at highway speeds.

Cornering Stability

As you turn your vehicle, its weight needs to be supported by your tires so that it stays upright on the road and you maintain control of it. Continental CrossContact UHP tires were designed to support your vehicle's weight throughout the entire cornering process, keeping it stable.

High Performance Handling

Beyond safety, you probably want to have fun behind the wheel. These ultra high performance tires from Continental make sure your vehicle remains not only safe and stable as you drive, but also that it delivers on all the high performance characteristics you want from it. Enjoy your time behind the wheel with uncompromised performance and safety combined.