Continental ExtremeContact DW Tires

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Continental® ExtremeContact™ DW tires deliver performance characteristics unlike any other tires. Continental has developed its own original technology that it has engineered into these tires. ExtremeContact DW tires support high performance cars like coupes, sedans, roadsters, and sports cars. These tires support performance in wet and dry conditions, make it easy to keep track of wear, and improve fuel economy.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ExtremeContact DW Tires

Performance in Wet and Dry Conditions

ExtremeContact DW tires feature a high proportion of voids and grooves. These areas, which do not make contact with the road, get rid of water under the tire. The tires have improved traction in the rain as a result. In dry conditions, these tires help your vehicle fulfill its high performance potential. The chamfered edge technology that Continental has incorporated into these tires supports acceleration grip, handling, and braking on dry roads.

Easy Condition Checks

The DW in ExtremeContact DW stands for dry and wet. The letters D and W appear on the tread of the tires. When the letters fade, the tires are no longer safe for driving in that weather condition. For example, if the W fades but the D remains, the tires are still suitable for dry conditions but not wet weather.


Continental has specially made these tires with Dynamic Temperature Distribution, a technology that leads to lower rolling resistance and longer tread life. With this benefit, you enjoy the full performance capability of your vehicle without sacrificing fuel economy or the length of your tires' safe driving life.