Continental ExtremeContact DWS Tires

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If you want high-level performance from your vehicle, whether it's a sedan, coupe, sports car, super car, or any other class, Continental® ExtremeContact™ DWS tires have what you're looking for. The DWS model has taken all of the advantages of its predecessors and improved on them. The Continental ExtremeContact DWS will have you feeling like a pro when you're behind the steering wheel.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ExtremeContact DWS Tires

Tread Wear Indicators

On each ExtremeContact DWS tire, you will see tread indicators that read D (dry), W (wet), and S (snow). When one of the letters disappears, that means that your tires are no longer suitable for driving in that particular condition. For example, when the S is gone from the tire, you should not drive your vehicle on snow covered roads.


The chamfered edge technology on ExtremeContact DWS tires generates greater acceleration grip, handling, and braking ability on dry surfaces. Featuring high void to tread ratio, these tires also have outstanding ability to quickly channel water away from under the tires. Continental's technology known as Traction Grooves has added even more biting edges to the treads of DWS tires so that you won't slip and slide on snowy roads.

Industry Leading Tread Life

Rest assured that Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires will last you for many miles and many years thanks to Dynamic Temperature Distribution (DTD) technology. DTD reduces rolling resistance and damage that temperature change causes your tires, which means that they will not wear down as quickly.