Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology

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Continental ProContact™ with EcoPlus Technology tires were designed to be environmentally friendly and fuel efficient without sacrificing their wet braking capability. If you want to maximize your fuel efficiency and enjoy capable all-season performance at the same time, check out ProContact tires with EcoPlus Technology. These passenger tires fit family vehicles like sedans and minivans as well as coupes.

Technology & Benefits of Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology

Fuel Efficiency

These passenger tires are a great solution to maximizing the fuel efficiency of the sedans, coupes, and minivans they fit. If you want to get the most mileage out of each gallon of fuel, either for your wallet or for the environment, then check to see if these tires fit your vehicle.

Reduced Emissions

Less fuel burned means less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Driving on and properly maintaining tires that promote your vehicle's maximum fuel efficiency helps keep your carbon footprint as small as possible.

High Mileage

Drivers of passenger cars often need tires that stick with them through years of commutes, errands, and travel. Continental provides an 80,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for ProContact tires with EcoPlus Technology. When you take care of your tires and your vehicle, you can count on these tires to hold up against your busy, high mileage life.

All-Season Performance

The fuel efficiency and high mileage of EcoPlus Technology doesn't stop when the weather changes. These Continental tires perform on paved roads in dry and wet weather, as well as light snow.