Continental PureContact Tires

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Continental® PureContact™ tires are all-season tires made to enhance the performance of passenger vehicles. If you drive a sedan, wagon, crossover, van, or SUV, consider these touring tires. They can help you enjoy your daily commute, enhance your vehicle's fuel efficiency, and excel on wet roads.

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Technology & Benefits of Continental PureContact Tires

Peace & Quiet

Continental PureContact tires are superb at reducing the amount of noise you and your passengers experience as your drive. That makes it easier to enjoy your drive, but it's also a matter of safety. When tire noise isn't distracting you, you can more easily hear other vehicles on the road, sirens, and the many hazards around you.

Peace of Mind

Another way Continental PureContact tires help you enjoy your drive is by allowing you to feel a little better about your carbon footprint. These low rolling resistance tires make it easier for your vehicle's engine to move your vehicle. That results in higher gas mileage and less negative impact on the environment.

Stopping Power

Continental PureContact tires are especially good at helping your vehicle come to a full stop in shorter distances and in less time. And that's especially true on wet roads. Continental PureContact tires feature some of the best-in-class wet braking.