Continental Temporary Spare Tires

Continental® temporary spare tires fit neatly in your vehicle's trunk or other cargo space. It can be hard to find room for everything you need to lug around in your vehicle, but every driver should keep a compact or full sized spare tire in their vehicle at all times as part of a flat tire safety kit. Run-flat tires present an exception to this rule, so make sure you know whether you have those on your vehicle. Continental temporary spare tires come in different sizes depending on your vehicle's weight and other factors. Make sure you ask the service advisor at your dealership which one is right for you.

Technology & Benefits of Continental Temporary Spare Tires

Easy Storage

These small tires weigh around 15 pounds. Not everyone has the luxury of cargo space for a full sized spare, but temporary spares allow you to stay safe on the road without sacrificing your whole trunk.

Emergency Safety

Keeping a compact spare tire in your vehicle gives you the peace of mind that you won't be stranded if you get a flat tire. If you keep a compact spare tire and a jack in your vehicle, you can exchange the damaged tire for the spare and drive at a reduced speed for up to 100 miles. This should allow you to get to a service location to have your damaged tire repaired or replaced. Compact spare tires such as the ones offered by Continental are for temporary use only. They are not a permanent repair for your vehicle's flat tire.