Continental Vanco 2 Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Continental Vanco™ 2 tires fit utility vans. Continental engineered Vanco 2 tires to improve the efficiency and performance of the original Vanco tires. Drivers of vans need tires that are durable and that last. These are two of the traits Continental focused on when designing the Vanco 2.

Benefits of Continental Vanco 2 Tires


Utility vans haul some serious cargo. The vans themselves are also very heavy. With all that weight to support, it's important to have durable tires. Tires that are more resistant to damage can help absorb the force of the vehicle's weight and any road hazards like potholes or large bumps.

Long Tread Life

When driving is your job, you don't want the cost to outweigh the benefit. Vanco 2 tires were designed to last a long time, so you can do your work without worrying about the next time you'll need to replace your tires.


Large vans take precision and skill to drive. You need to be at your best and most alert to make sure you drive your vehicle in a way that is safe for you and all the other drivers sharing the road with you. Equipping yourself with all the right tools to stay safe on the road in a large, heavy vehicle is important. One of those special tools is a safe set of tires. Vanco 2 tires were engineered for safety so you can get your cargo-or your passengers-to their destination without incident.