Continental VancoWinterContact Tires

Driving a large vehicle in the wintertime can be intimidating or downright scary. Continental® VancoWinterContac™ tires help vans used either for family driving or for cargo hauling keep their traction and braking capability in the winter. Continental VancoWinterContact tires were M+S rated, which means they were approved for use in weather conditions that make roads slick. Driving on an M+S (mud and snow) rated tire helps you keep control of your vehicle through the rain and snow.

Technology & Benefits of Continental VancoWinterContact Tires

Winter Driving Safety

VancoWinterContact tires help van drivers keep control in winter conditions like snow and ice. The grooves and sipes (smaller grooves on the portion of the tread that touches the road) enhance braking performance and traction. These grooves also make sure water does not get trapped underneath the tires. Water underneath tires causes hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can lead to dangerous traffic accidents because it causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle.


The tread of every tire wears down because of normal use. Worn treads are one of the main reason tires need to be replaced. The treads on Continental VancoWinterContact tires were designed to last longer. When you properly maintain your VancoWinterContact tires, you maximize the number of miles you can drive safely on a single set. Whether you are a parent on a budget or a professional driver who needs to maximize the return on investment, you can benefit from the longer tread life of these tires.