Continental WinterContact™ SI XL Tires

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Continental® WinterContact SI XL tires are a new take on Continental's already impressive winter tires. The "SI" in the name stands for "snow and ice". These tires have been specifically designed to perform in cold temperatures. They fit a wide variety of passengers vehicles including sedans, wagons, minivans, and crossovers.

If you have to drive in winter weather, you should have winter tires on your vehicle. To find out which winter tires are right for your passenger vehicle, visit the RightTurn homepage where you can start our easy tire shopping experience. It's so easy that after a few questions about your vehicle and your driving, you'll get tire recommendations that meet your vehicle's safety standards and your driving needs.

Technology & Benefits of Continental WinterContact SI XL Tires

Continental PolarPlus+ Technology

Continental WinterContact SI XL tires make use of Continental's PolarPlus+ Technology. This combination of features includes a special rubber compound that stays flexible in freezing temperatures, gripping surfaces inside the tread pattern grooves, and an Alignment Verification System. Together, they help your vehicle perform to the best of its ability in winter driving conditions.

The Mountain Snowflake Symbol

On the sidewalls of Continental WinterContact SI XL tires, you can see The Mountain Snowflake symbol. This symbol is only given to tires that can perform in severe winter weather and is awarded by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) an independent tire regulation organization.