Continental WinterContact™ TS 850P XL Tires

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Continental® WinterContact TS 850P XL tires are winter tires that are packed with advanced technology. Designed for mid-size and luxury SUVs, these tires can help your vehicle hold the road when the pavement is covered in water, snow, and ice. They can also help your vehicle respond consistently to your steering. In other words, these tires are made for superb performance when winter weather strikes.

On you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get the right tires. We only recommend the right tires, tires that meet all of your vehicle's safety standards. And you only have to answer a few questions about your vehicle and your driving. It's easy.

Technology & Benefits of Continental WinterContact TS 850P XL BW Tires

Winter Driving Traction

Continental WinterContact TS 850P XL tires feature special S-Grip technology. This technology incorporates many sipes and biting edges into the tread pattern. The result is the ability to grip cold pavement and, if they can't get through the snow or ice to the pavement, they can actually use the snow and ice to create traction.

Responsive Handling

In addition to the S-Grip technology, Continental WinterContact TS 850P XL tires also use Continental PrecisionPlus technology. PrecisionPlus can add stability to your drive. When your tires are stable, they can react to steering with speed and, you guessed it, precision. That way, you can maintain control when the roads are slippery.

Severe Winter Weather Ratings

How good are these winter tires? Well, Continental WinterContact TS 850P XL tires have 2 very important ratings: the M+S rating and The Mountain Snowflake rating. An M+S rating means that these tires are prepared for mud and snow. And the Mountain Snowflake symbol indicates that these tires can perform in severe winter weather.