Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Dunlop® Grandtrek® PT2A tires are ideal for any truck or SUV owner who does a lot of driving both on the road and off the road. These tires provide a luxury ride on the streets and durable performance off of them. Because they're all-season tires, you'll be able to keep your vehicle performing in bad weather. That makes them great for drivers who use their vehicle for business and personal reasons.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A Tires

Luxury on the Road

Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A tires are full of technology that makes it feel like you're driving on air when you're on the road. Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology™ and the continuous centerline bands around the tire make your ride surprisingly quiet. These tires are also designed to reduce the amount of vibrations and bumps that you feel while driving.

Reliability Off the Road

Whether you take your vehicle off road for fun or for business, you need tires that you can count on. Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A tires have a Mud and Snow (M+S) rating, which means that they provide excellent traction in mud and snow. They'll also give you precise handling so that you can avoid all the obstacles that you'll face when you're off the pavement.

Built to Last

Dunlop knows that off-road tires take a beating. That's why they built the Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A tires with extra strong materials and reinforcements that make them amazingly durable. They'll keep your vehicle running, so you can keep your life running.